BANT Wellbeing Guidelines

BANT Wellbeing Guidelines

wellbeing-guidelines-1The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) have announced their Wellbeing Guidelines based on the latest science and research in the field of nutrition for optimal health. These guidelines are extremely well-researched and informative, providing current and up to date information for the public.

The aim is to provide detailed guidance in a simple format to help people make the best choices in both nutrition and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Whether the goal is weight loss or optimal health, the BANT Wellbeing Guidelines are designed to provide easy to understand information.

wellbeing-guidelines-2Key advice provided by the BANT Wellbeing Guidelines includes the following:

  • Weight Loss or General Health and Wellbeing: Everyone is unique but whatever your goal similar nutritional principles and health and wellbeing guidelines will apply.
  • Eat a Rainbow: a varied diet of 7 differently coloured fruit and vegetables per day.
  • Stay hydrated with water, herbal teas, green and black teas. Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and too much caffeine.
  • Ensure protein is lean: fish, poultry, eggs and vegetable sources. Limit red and processed meat.
  • Include healthy fats: avocados, nuts, olive oil. Cook with healthy saturated fats: coconut oil and butter.
  • Choose root vegetables and whole grains instead of refined carbohydrates and grains: Eat sparingly.
  • For Weight Loss: include exercise, limit portion sizes, don’t eat between meals. Avoid: Sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and refined carbohydrates.
  • Include the right supplements: vitamin D, in particular, for most people and probiotics as advised by your Registered Nutritional Therapist.
  • Sleep and Exercise are an important aspect in overall Health and Wellbeing and Weight Management.

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