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Susan Nicholson - Nutritional TherapistHi, Welcome to ‘Birth 2 Wellness‘ nutrition and hypnobirthing consultancy service. My name is Susan and I am passionate about empowering ourselves in a positive way.

My journey began around 12 years ago when I became pregnant with my first daughter. I was leading what I now recognise to be an unhealthy lifestyle. I was working unsocialable hours, eating too much of the wrong food and really didn’t make the connection between my feelings of exhaustion and disconnection, with the food I was eating. It really didn’t seem that important. Then, while I was pregnant, I travelled to New Zealand and stayed with a naturopath. This was the point at which everything changed, I was searching for change as I wanted my child to have the best start and I felt I needed more information to do this. So I made some basic changes, the things we all know about but sometimes choose to ignore as it’s easy to keep repeating old patterns.

I found it hard at first especially when I was really busy, struggling with a new baby and trying to work. Like most mums out there, just managing to eat anything healthy or not was an achievement. However I started to notice the differences , I felt better in myself and as I weaned my daughter I felt I was making the best choices for her. After all, we are built from the food we eat.

Now twelve years on I have three children and a desire to help those of you out there who just need a little bit of guidance to make change. It’s not about expense and complicated food choices, it’s about making manageable changes to both your diet and lifestyle that improve how you feel. It’s important to say that some people need to embrace more change than others, however the rewards to you and your family can be enormous. So during those twelve years I have learned a lot and hopefully will continue to learn as I practise.

Qualified Nutritional TherapistMy own children have taught me a lot and taken me down roads I never thought I’d go. When I had my second child, I didn’t experience birth as I wanted to. I felt powerless and scared. I couldn’t remember seeing my son for the first time. So when I found out I was pregnant for the third time, you can imagine my reaction. I was petrified of birth. This lead me to hypnobirthing classes, which at first I was sceptical of. However they taught me to take back my power and aim for the birth I wanted, most important of all they taught me to relax. I had my beautiful daughter without pain relief and I remember looking into her eyes when she was born and making a connection that will always be remembered. This is the way every woman should birth, so this is why I trained as a hypnobirthing practitioner. Since 2012 I have enjoyed watching couples empower themselves to have a birth they are happy with.

I have a special interest in women’s and family health. After all, like you, I have struggled to persuade a resolute child that broccoli is not poisonous, and I have not and do not always win that battle. However two of my children have specific dietary requirements as one has dyslexia and the other Down Syndrome. I have seen how diet can promote health and well being, and help them to achieve and flourish. Simple changes can sometimes make a huge difference. It was this knowledge that lead me to study with the college of naturopathic medicine, doing a three year course to become a nutritional therapist so that I can guide you and your family by constructing diet changes that are right for you or your child’s individual needs.

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