We offer help & guidance to ensure you introduce manageable changes to diet & lifestyle which improve how you feel.

With a service tailored specifically to your personal, family or activity-dependent requirements, we can offer advice which will improve overall health, increase energy levels, improve performance and reduce stress & strain.

Offering a full range of Nutritional & HypnoBirthing techniques to promote good health from child birth, including:

We offer a complete service, but would urge you to book an appointment to discuss your concerns and requirements.  We can then agree acceptable changes you can introduce at your own pace to improve your (and your familys) well-being and overall health.

Nutrition for Breast feeding Mums

Nutrition for Breast feeding Mums When it comes to breast feeding it can be an emotive subject. For many reasons people choose …

natural protein sources

Natural protein sources________________________ Food Quantity providing 20g of protein • Quinoa 100g/1 cup dry weight • …

Nutrition and Advice Workshop

Do you want to balance your hormones, increase your energy, or boost your mood using FOOD? Are you interested in learning …